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"Visually, the short outshines many horror thrillers – with outstanding cinematography, sound and lighting. The film is set entirely within one location – the house – which sets an eerie tone from the get-go. Laurel Brower’s performance as Elena is commendable – she delivers authentic empathy to the audience. Isabelle Garbani (Annie) steals the film with her disturbing portrayal that is certain to keep the audience engaged. ‘The Perfect Daughter’ is a truly splendid horror/thriller that holds a strong narrative and captivating story. A highly recommended short film."


Isabelle Garbani Acting Reel Isabelle Garbani Acting Reel Isabelle Garbani Acting Reel Cow and Covid19, don't Lose Your Sh*t!

Acting Reel

The Perfect Daughter

Eat It Up!

Cow and Covid19:
Don't Lose Your Sh*t!


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