I am a Brooklyn-based artist who uses non traditional materials, performance and community engagement to make large scale public installations. I am originally from France, having immigrated to the US when I was 17. The move, which was supposed to be temporary, has informed my adult life and my choice of themes and materials in my artwork.

Among my public art installations are, “Knit for Trees” in New York City, and Long Island; “Invasive Species” in Taiwan and Wisconsin; “Post War Blues” at the Brooklyn Army Terminal for which I received a Community Arts Grant from the Brooklyn Arts Council; and Les Fleurs du Mal” for the New York City's Department of Transportation, and the Garment District.

After being selected for the Hunts Point Resiliency Artist Residency in the Bronx, I was commissioned in 2018 with my teammate Jeannine Bardo, to develop “Ark for the Arts” as part of the Red Hook Climate Change Public Commission from the New York City Mayor's office of Recovery and Resiliency. In 2018, I also launched “Life: Immigration Game”, a socially-engaged guerrilla artwork addressing the issues faced by immigrants to the US, for which I received a grant from the Puffin Foundation. I was selected in 2019 as a finalist for a Percent for the Arts project by the Department of Cultural Affairs of New York City, for the renovation of the Bensonhurst Public Library in Brooklyn.

If 2018 was apex of my career, 2019 was definitely the nadir: health issues, professional disappointments and personal tragedies. As I was starting to recover, the pandemic hit, and New York shut down. The next year was full of self-doubt, assessments and re-assessments… which have re-affirmed my commitment to making artwork about the environment, consumerism, and capitalism.