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Isabelle Garbani is an artist and performer based in Brooklyn NY, with an MFA in sculpture from the New York Academy of Art. She has made large-scale public art installations using traditional feminine crafts, and drawing on community-engagement and performance as a major component of the work.

Among her public art installations are, “Knit for Trees” in New York City, and Long Island; “Invasive Species” in Taiwan and Wisconsin; “Post War Blues” at the Brooklyn Army Terminal for which she received a Community Arts Grant from the Brooklyn Arts Council; and Les Fleurs du Mal” for the New York City's Department of Transportation, and the Garment District.

She has recently returned to her performance roots, and has appeared in independent and short films such as the thriller The Perfect Daughter, and Eat it Up!; and theater performances in New York City such as Sketch of New York at the Producers' Club, Almost Maine at Urban Waves in the Bronx, and The Gnarly Narwhal at The Tank in New York City.She has studied acting at the Barrow Group in New York City, with Lee Brock and Seth Barrish.