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Cow and Covid19, don't Lose Your Sh*t!

I started this project when the pandemic struck, and the governor declared a quarantine for all New Yorkers. It became very clear that most people I knew had lost their job, and I wanted to help. I started a website connecting artists out of work with people stuck at home... bored and looking for something to do.

I had been looking to introduce performance in my work for a long time, and I had developped puppet characters with my boyfriend. I decided to use the puppets as a way to drive traffic to the website, but the puppets had other ideas. The YouTube channel, called Cow and Covid19: don't lose your sh*t, became my creative outlet. I hoped humor in dark times could help us cope with the magnitude of the pandemic.

This is one of the last videos I made, a spoof of Carmen, one of my favorite operas! Click on the cow logo to go to the YouTube channel.


Cow and Covid19, don't Lose Your Sh*t!